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Mayor Sara: No Christmas bonus for CHO anti-dengue unit unless…

August 3, 2016 By

An incensed Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte threatened not to release the Christmas bonus of some employees of the City Health Office (CHO) as deaths caused by dengue fever continue to balloon.

As of June, the number of dengue fever deaths has reached 25 — or an additional six new mortalities from last week’s 19.

Sara said the tropical diseases unit of the CHO, which is handling diseases like dengue, should be responsible for these deaths.

“Ihatag na lang nako ang ilang bonus sa mga simbako mamatay sa mosunod nga unom ka bulan,” Sara said Tuesday.

Last week, Sara also threatened to suspend and replace employees of CHO if deaths caused by dengue will not be stopped. The mayor wants zero casualties from July to December.

“We are expecting them to do something to reduce the cases and number of deaths in the next six months,” the mayor said. “Numbers should be lower than the statistics last year of the same period.”

And if they fail in this task, Sara said she will be compelled not to release the Christmas bonus of the employees concerned.

“I think the tropical diseases unit of CHO will not receive their bonus. I will give their bonus to the families of those who God forbid will die in the next six months,” she said.

Anti-dengue ordinance

Meanwhile, a member of the 18th City Council is pushing for the passage of an anti-dengue ordinance following increasing number of cases and deaths.

Councilor Bernard Al-ag also said the council will look closely into CHO’s implementation of anti-dengue fever programs and how it is spending its budget.

“We have already released the budget of the City Health Office for their anti-dengue campaign,” he said. “We will look closely how they are going to implement it.”

Al-ag said that the anti-dengue ordinance will seek to institutionalize the so-called 4 o’clock habit, encouraging the active participation of the public in the anti-dengue drive. Al-ag has filed a similar ordinance in 2004, but it was not approved by the council.

Dr. Villafuerte, meanwhile, has called on Mayor Duterte to issue an executive order mandating all barangays to ‘search and destroy’ mosquito breeding areas.

She also wants Duterte to declare Friday as community cleanup drive day.

Villafuerte admitted that she recently instructed the district offices under the CHO to initiate massive cleanup operations starting this week.

“An order from the mayor will compel officials to do their part. It will also heighten awareness of the need for constantly conduct cleanup drives in the community and households,” she said.

Following the order of Mayor Sara, Villafuerte has mobilized CHO employees to intensify their campaign not only against dengue but also against malaria, checongonia, and encephalitis.| CIO