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Mayor Sara to hire 10-point agenda 'action men'

August 11, 2016 By

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte is contemplating on appointing action men to help bolster city the implementation of her administration’s 10-point agenda.

“It is still in the evaluation process. But the mayor is a result-oriented person, hell-bent on producing improvements and positive results,” said lawyer Raul Nadela, Jr., the mayor’s chief of staff.

Nadela said each action team will concentrate on specific agenda. These are: poverty alleviation; infrastructure development; solid waste management; education; agriculture; tourism; transportation planning and traffic management; peace and order; and disaster risk r education and mitigation.

The mayor, he said, is considering a team of traffic planners who will look into ways to improve transport systems — including what and how new systems can be crafted and implemented in certain areas of the city with utmost consideration on issues such as the economy, and climate and the environment.

Another team will have to tackle homelessness and social exclusion. It will also deal with illegal settlers including planning and implementing slum clearance.

The housing team may work with specific clients, such as homeless people, minority groups or people with disabilities.

Nadela noted the mayor is also looking for people to compose a flood engineers team that will maintain clean water and sewerage/waste water services and flood control.

It will also work on projects such as flood defense schemes and sewer improvement programs.

The team, which will also act as stormwater/food mitigation engineer, will work on preventing or alleviating the economic and social impact of storm water and flood damage using a combination of non-structural and structural methods. | CIO