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Drainage projects, clean-up drives lessen floodings in Davao

September 23, 2016 By

The recent improvements in the drainage system of Davao City and the numerous declogging of waterways have resulted in the decrease of incidents of floodings in the city.

Engr. Joseph Dominic Felizarta, chief of the City Engineer’s Office (CEO), said there is no let up in the implementation of the City Government’s drainage master plan along with declogging operations of the canals and rivers of the city.

One of the priorities of Mayor Inday Sara Duterte is to provide a sustainable solution to the problem of floodings in the city. Among her 10 priority agenda is disaster risk reduction and mitigation, which is interrelated to the city’s programs on infrastructure development and solid waste management.

The city government has allocated P1,873,600 for drainage maintenance for this year. There are also additional 100 employees assigned to clean the city’s waterways with an allocation of P9,745,481 for their salaries.

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is presently installing drainage lines around the city and constructing elevated roads. These projects help remedy the flood problem of Davao, said Felizarta.

He also noted that the DPWH projects strictly follow the drainage master plan of Davao City.

He, however, admitted that heavy downpour still causes the rise of water in low-lying areas.

A number of drainage maintenance and repair projects are set for bidding and proposals have been submitted to the City Planning and Development Office for funding.

“Except for fortuitous events, our office maintains the cleaning activities to lessen if not solve the flooding problems, particularly in the city proper,” Felizarta said.