Village chiefs, kagawads attend energy conservation seminar

October 4, 2016 By

Davao City barangay leaders on Tuesday learned energy saving tips during the Power Patrol Seminar on Energy Efficiency and Conservation for Households held at the Davao City Recreational Center (formerly called the Almendras gym).

According to Jose Ong, chief of Barangay Cultural Community Affairs Division (BCCAD), the barangay captains and their kagawads from Davao City’s 182 barangays are expected to share the seminar output with their constituents.

“The seminar was about household energy consumption,” he said. “At least we will all be able to conserve energy and save on money from the inputs given by experts.”

The tips were basic, practical and were easy to follow but were effective in decreasing expenses. The tips include switching off or unplugging of unused appliances, proper use of fans and airconditioning systems, among others. CIO