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Davao City taps barangay officials to strengthen programs for children

October 18, 2016 By

An official said Davao City will live to its name as one of the country’s most child-friendly cities by strengthening its programs that are aimed at giving more protection to the rights of children.

Maria Luisa Bermudo, chief of the City Social Services and Development Office, said Davao City still has a wide room for improvement when it comes to protection of children.

The city recently received the Most Child-Friendly City Award from President Rodrigo Duterte, an award that it won in 1998, 1999, 2013, and 2014.

But Bermudo said the campaign to keep the children of Davao City protected must be sustained. Bermudo said her office intends to intensify their programs at the barangay level.

Village officials, she said, must be hands-on in the implementation of the programs and projects on children in their respective communities.

“They are the frontline structures within the barangay that would oversee the programs and interventions that would benefit the children, including children in conflict with the law,” she said. “This is what we would like to further strengthen.”

Bermudo said the local government of Davao will continue providing programs and services that are effective and beneficial to children, which includes early childhood care and development program, maternal and health services for children, education, among others.

“Our programs are comprehensive and are responsive to the needs of the children,” Bermudo said. “The challenge is how we will be able to sustain and strengthen them. That is what we are doing now.” CIO