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City Vet opens artificial insemination laboratory

October 20, 2016 By

The City Veterinarian’s Office opened its artificial insemination laboratory for swine located at the Davao City Animal Breeding Center in Malagos, Baguio District.

The lab features state of the art technology that aims pig farmers produce high genetic quality broods.

Dr. Ester Rayos, the Assistant City Veterinarian, said the facility was set up to assist in the growth and development of pig farmers in the city.

“The project would also help improve the sector,” she said. “We encourage avid livestock farmers to avail our services so that we can help upgrade the quality of their stocks.”


Before the establishment of the new facility, one boar semen production was only good for one sow or adult female swine.

“With the technology we have now, we can extend one semen production to 10 to 15 different sows,” she said. “A boar semen can be distributed to different farmers.”

The project is in partnership with the Department of Agriculture (DA) and UNAHCO, a private firm that specializes in animal healthcare and sells animal products.

Rayos thanked DA and UNAHCO for their support in putting up the laboratory. CIO