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ATTENTION: Davao City traffic plan for Undas

October 29, 2016 By

The Davao City Transport and Traffic Management Office has prepared a traffic plan for this year’s Oplan Kaluluwa.

Joel Santos, strategic intelligence assistant of the CTTMO, said 350 traffic personnel will be deployed to manage the flow of vehicles in various cemeteries in Davao during the observation of All Saints’ Day and and All Souls’ Day.

Santos said the deployment of traffic enforcers will start on October 30.

The traffic office will also implement a rerouting scheme leading to and from the cemeteries.

Traffic advisories and signages will also be placed in strategic areas to guide the motorists and pedestrians.

Here’s the plan:

Buhangin Memorial Park:


One-way vehicular traffic along the stretch of Cabantian Road from Buhangin Milan to corner Mamay Road.

Vehicles going to the Memorial Park should use CP Garcia Highway – corner Milan – Buhangin Cabantian Road.

The Cabantian – Jehovah Road towards Buhangin Memorial Park will be closed. Motorists may use Mamay Extension and turn right to CP Garcia Highway and right turn to Buhangin Road.

Vehicles will not be allowed to park in front of the Buhangin Memorial Park.

Chinese Cemetery:


Sarenas Road or Circumferential Road will be one-way from corner Gahol St. to corner Bacaca Road.

All vehicles going to Chinese Cemetery coming from Bacaca Road may use JP Laurel Ave., right turn to Gahol St, right turn to Sarenas Road.

No parking along Sarenas Road.

Davao Memorial Park – off peak hours:


A sidewalk lane will be provided for people going to the memorial park. Vehicles may use the outer lane of McArthur Highway going to the cemetery, while vehicles going South may use two inner lanes of the McArthur Highway.

Loading and unloading must be done after Alexian Brothers.

All public utility buses coming from Ma-a Road must ply the McArthur Highway – Sandawa – Quimpo Boulevard route.

Trucks will only be allowed to use the CP Garcia Highway or Quimpo Boulevard.

Davao Memorial Park – peak hours:


Vehicles are not allowed to enter from Corner Quimpo Boulevard-McArthur Highway going to Davao Memorial Park.

Vehicles going to Davao Memorial Park from the south may take Quimpo Boulevard then left turn to Calamansi St. in Juna Subdivision. Another option is the University Ave., exit at Durian St., and left turn to McArthur Highway.

Vehicles going to Davao Memorial Park may use the outer lane of McaArthur Highway. Vehicles going South may use the two inner lanes of McArthur Highway.

Loading and unloading must be done after Alexian Brothers.

In case of heavy volume of vehicles going to South, the traffic office will implement counter-flow from McArthur Highway corner Tulip Drive up to McArthur Highway corner Quimpo Boulevard.

No left turn for all vehicles coming from Santos-Cuyugan Road. Vehicles are advised to use Quimpo Boulevard.

All utility buses going to the DCOTT (Ecoland Terminal), meanwhile, can use Sandawa Road – Quimpo Boulevard route. All southbound trucks from Quirino Avenue, use Sandawa Road – Quimpo Boulevard – McArthur Highway route.

San Pedro Memorial Park, Forest Lake, Orchard Memorial Park, Masonic Cemetery, Wireless Cemetery, Catholic Cemetery:


One-way from Fr. Selga St., corner F. Torres St. to Sarenas Road (Circumferential Road) corner Jade St. in Marfori Subdivsion.

Vehicles going to San Pedro Memorial Park and/or Forest Lake and Orchard may take Jade St., then turn left to Turquoise St.

Regulated no entry from Fr. Selga St. corner Sarenas Road going to Catholic Cemetery.

No parking along Sarenas Road.

Lawyer Lawrence Bantiding, Assistant City Administrator for Operations, urged the public to follow the rules and regulation set by local authorities for the peaceful and orderly All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day. CIO