Moro kids join Davao Children's Month celebration

November 8, 2016 By

A group of Moro children joined the celebration of Children’s Month in Davao City.

On Monday, members of the Batang Astig Moro participated in various activities lined up by the local government of Davao for the celebration.


The City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO) spearheaded the Monday kick off at the Rizal Park.

Hundreds of children from various communities in the city joined the activities.



“Gatherings like this has helped me develop my confidence in myself and helped me deal with other children whether they are Muslims or not — regardless of tribe,” said 13-year-old Jean Sai Mirable, a member of Batang Astig Moro said.

Batang Astig Moro is a small group of children advocating for the protection of the rights of children. Members are aged 5 to 15 years old.

While the group is mostly composed of Sama children, it is not exclusive as it also welcomes Christian kids.


The parents of some of the members of the group are drug personalities who are now in jail.

A social worker said the event allowed the children to interact with other children in a way that is fun and productive for them.

“Although being socially active is beneficial to children, prioritizing studies should still be on top of the list aside from helping the parents,” Mirable said.

Activities for the month-long celebration include Visual Art Showcase (Nov 12, SM Ecoland), Teen Forum (Nov 19), Mindanao Children’s Summit (Nov 21-22) and Larong Pinoy (Nov 23) at the People’s Park.

All activities are anchored on the four major rights of the child: Protection, Survival, Education and Participation. CIO