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New traffic scheme to be implemented next week

November 10, 2016 By

A new traffic scheme will be implemented starting next week in two major thoroughfares in Davao City to address road congestion.

The Davao City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) and the Davao City Transport and Traffic Management Office (CTTMO) will implement the ‘experimental loading and unloading segregation scheme’ along Pichon Street (formerly Magallanes Street) and a portion of McArthur Highway.

Engr. Froilan Rigor, speaking for the CPDO, said the experimental scheme will start on Tuesday.

“It will be implemented on Tuesday next week with signages indicating specific areas for predetermined routes, and we are asking for the public’s cooperation,” he said.

He said the scheme intends to modify and train the riding habit of the commuters, stressing that largely the riding public affects the attitude of the PUV drivers.

“This is our way of alleviating the traffic issue in the city without spending much. Instead, we should bank on the people’s behavior,” Rigor said.

There will be separate stops for public utility jeepneys and taxis.

Under the scheme, public utility vehicles are required to strictly unload and load passengers from corner Anda Street and Pichon Street, near Grand Menseng Hotel.

The scheme will also be applied in front of NCCC Mall in Matina for PUVs going south and Maa areas.


The scheme grouped PUVs according to routes:

South 1 Group or S1 Routes: Calinan, Tugbok and Mintal
South 2 Group or S2 Routes: Bago, Aplaya, Pangi

Unloading and Loading Area: In front of NCCC Mall

Allied 1 or A1 Routes: Jade Valley, Buhangin via JP Laurel, Bajada
Allied 2 or A1 Routes: Ecoland, Matina Crossing, Talomo, Ma-a, Agdao, Matina Aplaya

Unloading/Loading Area: In front of Grand Menseng Hotel

Maa 1 or M1 Routes: Maa, Magtuod, Langub

Unloading/Loading Area: Beside NCCC Mall, Maa Road

Circulatory 1 or C2 Routes: 01A, Route 01B, Route 05B, Route 09, Route 15
Circulatory 2 or C2 Routes: 02, Route 03A, Route 03B, Route 10

Unloading/Loading area: In front of Magallanes Elementary School

It is expected that the scheme will also be implemented in other areas in Davao. CIO