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Davao City mulls acquisition of mobile hot meal kitchen

January 5, 2017 By

With 25 typhoons projected to hit the country yearly aside from man-made disasters that may prompt massive evacuations, the Davao City Social Services and Development Office (CSSDO) is pushing for the immediate acquisition of a customized mobile hot meal kitchen.
“The primary goal is the immediate provision of hot meals, especially to children in the evacuation centers within the first 24 hours,” CSSDO Head Maria Luisa Bermudo said.
The project will be called Mobile Quick Relief Hot Meal/Soup. It will cost around P8 million.
The mobile kitchen will feature cooking equipment and non-food supplies such as clothing, collapsible tents, and tables where social workers can immediately conduct initial needs assessment and trauma sessions for calamity survivors.
While the city is spared from typhoons, it is known to help other areas ravaged by calamities. It extended P11 million in assistance to areas affected by the recent typhoon Nina that hit Luzon. It is also set to release additional cash from its Calamity Fund to help Marinduque.
Aside from cash, Davao City also sent food packs to the areas battered by Nina.CIO