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Time to plant Abaca, says VM Paolo

January 19, 2017 By

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte said Davao farmers should grab the opportunity of rising global Abaca prices by turning their farms into Abaca fields.

“I am urging all the farmers to venture into the Abaca industry, especially so because there is a high demand for Abaca fiber, not just in the Philippines but in the international market as well,” he said.

The city was a major Abaca producer in the early 1900s, with Japanese-owned plantations in the areas of Mintal and Toril.

The city’s Abaca plantations went into decline with its conversion into residential areas, or into banana or pineapple plantations.

But Duterte said even with the mushrooming of plantations dedicated to other crops, the city can still accommodate Abaca ventures.

“The city still has a big area for Abaca plantation, we can still accommodate it,” he said.

Aside from Abaca, Duterte said Davao farmers could also venture into banana production.

He said Japanese investors had earlier signified interest in putting capital into banana production and export.

“I’ve talked to several Japanese investors and they told me that they are willing to invest in the agricultural sector of the city, especially the exportation of Banana,” he said.

Meanwhile, Duterte said some foreign investors also wanted to improve the transport system in the city.

The project would help hasten the movement of goods and people, he said. CIO