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City’s Urban Container Garden Program launched

February 1, 2017 By

Mayor Sara Duterte’s goal to make communities become self-sufficient through urban farming has taken some form with Monday’s launching of the Urban Container Garden Program at the rooftop garden of the City Hall Annex building.

Mr. Leo Brian Leuterio, officer-in-charge of the City Agriculturist Office, said during the launching ceremony attended by officials that the project is an expression of Mayor Duterte’s agriculture agenda for the residents of Davao City.

Container gardening is the practice of growing edible plants such as herbs and vegetables in tin cans or pots instead of directly planting them on the ground. In urban areas, rooftops, balconies, alleys and any unused space are converted into container gardens.

Container gardening is also supported by City Ordinance 0384-10 or the Organic Agriculture Ordinance and RA 9003 or the Solid Waste Management Act, both of which seek to promote sustainable organic agriculture areas.

Poverty-stricken urban communities are encouraged to create container gardens in their homes to promote self-sufficiency, food safety and security under the laws.

The City Agriculturist Office said it hopes to create at least 10 community-based urban container gardens in various areas of the city.

CAO said it was also offering orientations and trainings in urban container gardening to interested communities, which include inputs on advance technologies in urban farming.

A 50-square meter urban container garden model unit is also available for viewing at the rooftop garden for those interested to venture into it. CIO