STAND TALL. UNITED. RESILIENT:  80th Araw ng Davao to officially open Wednesday

February 28, 2017 By

The 80th Araw ng Davao celebration will officially open Wednesday, March 1 — with organizers promising a grand celebration of the colorful history, growth, and development of Davao City and the Dabawenyos over the past 8 decades.
This year’s theme is “Stand tall. United. Resilient.”
“Our celebration is a celebration of our unity as a people — united in the face of challenges and adversities and determined to survive and overcome every trial that comes our way,” said Mayor Inday Sara Duterte.
“We are here together as one and this is a proof that the Dabawenyos’ strength, determination, persistence, and love for our fellow Filipinos and our country are unwavering and simply indestructible. We have proven to the world that Dabawenyos always survive and rise in unity,” she stressed.
Davao City Tourism Officer Regina Rosa Tecson said a series of activities are slated from the opening day until the night of March 18, Saturday.
The opening ceremony, which will be held at the Rizal Park at 7 pm Wednesday, will feature a 10-minute production number of dances and songs to be performed by homegrown talents.
Before this, a mass will be offered at 1:30 pm at the San Pedro Cathedral.
One of the highlights of this year’s celebration is the Parada Dabawenyo. But unlike the parades the past years, this year’s Parada Dabawenyo will not only be a civic activity, but also will be an elaborate presentation of the history of Davao.
“Eight floats will showcase the roots of the city and our history as Dabawenyos,” she said.
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