Peace and Order

Sara reiterates peace offer to NPA but rebels must lay down arms first

May 30, 2017 By

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte said her offer to conduct localized talks with the New People’s Army still remains but the communist rebels should lay down firearms and stop their offensives.

Mayor Inday said she has put aside all her personal feeling towards the rebels as she explores possible ways that could help the city’s peace and security.

Following the three simultaneous attacks staged by the rebels last month in Davao, the mayor has repeatedly criticized the NPA, calling it a terrorist organization guided by obsolete ideals and principles.

“I have no choice, I am the Mayor of Davao City,” she said. “I’ll push things that I think can make the city better and one of them is the local peace talk.”

However, Mayor Inday said she will only sit down with the NPA if the rebels agree to lay down their firearms and cease from conducting offensives.

“I am always open, but we cannot sit down if they continue their offensive operations against the people, against the Armed Forces of the Philippines,” she said.

Mayor Inday said it would be difficult also to talk with the rebels if they continue with their terror attacks using landmines, killing innocent people in the process.

She said the NPA must be sincere once the localized peace talks start.

Mayor Inday said it was lamentable that the NPA continues to commit atrocities in the hinterlands villages of Davao — even when the National Democratic Front of the Philippines was talking peace with the national government.

This week, the government peace panel refused to participate in the 5th round of the peace talks in the Netherlands following the order by the Communist Party of the Philippines for the NPA to intensify its offensives vis-a-vis the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao. CIO