City Hall execs take drug test

October 9, 2017 By

Thirty four city government officials underwent a surprise drug test conducted by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (Pdea) during the weekly department heads’ meeting on Monday.

Michael Denton Aportadera, head of the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council, said that none of those who were tested turned out positive for drug use.

Erwin Alparaque, the Human Resource Management Office head, said the conduct of the random drug testing was mandated by Memorandum Circular No. 13 issued by the Civil Service Commission(CSC).

Alparaque said under the said circular all government officials and employees from the national to the local level have to undergo drug testing.

The guideline also specified that any official or employee who would be found positive for dangerous drugs use – whether as experimenter, occasional user or chronic user/drug dependent – has to undergo medical and psychological intervention. CIO