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Mayor Sara happy over success of anti-drug program

November 21, 2017 By

The Local Government of Davao was awarded by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) for its exemplary anti-drug program “Tabangan ang Reformists aron Naay Asenso (Tara Na).”

PDEA recognized the efforts of the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (Cadac) in helping drug reformists overcome their addiction through a community-based program.

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte said it was primarily through the effort of Cadac, such as attending to the needs of the drug reformist of the city, that the Tara Na program succeeded in the city.

“I thank the members of Cadac for their innovation, especially for the Tara Na program, which is a community-based rehab,” she said.

Through the Tara Na program, drug surrenderers can have their therapy in a community-based program instead of being admitted in a rehabilitation facility.

“For me, the Tara Na program is a very effective intervention initiated by Cadac since the barangay plays a big part and also the community in it,” Mayor Inday said. CIO