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Quota Int’l turns over newborn screening machine to city

November 21, 2017 By

The city government was optimistic about a more efficient implementation of the newborn screening law after the New York-based Quota International turned over to the city government an auto acoustic emission machine for newborn screening.

“This machine is for the screening of newborns for the detection of hearing loss,” Dr. Marilyn Navales, the regional director of Quota International, said.

Quota International, Inc. is an international service organization that provides basic needs to women and children, the deaf, and persons with difficulty in hearing around the world.
Navales said one out of 17 newborns is usually detected to have hearing loss. Quota’s advocacy is to ensure that newborn children get early detection so they could be provided with the proper healthcare for their conditions.

Republic Act No. 9709, which was approved in 2009, established a universal newborn hearing screening program (UNHSP) for the prevention, early diagnosis and intervention of hearing loss.
The UNHSP aims to institutionalize measures for the prevention and early diagnosis of congenital hearing loss among newborns.

The law mandates the conduct of newborn hearing loss screening for all infants born in hospitals. Those not born in hospitals should be screened within the first three months after birth.
The newborn screening machine for hearing loss detection is worth P350,000 and it will be placed at the City Health Office (CHO).

“We are putting this in a government facility so that newborns from the far-flung areas or outside the city can avail of the service,” Navales said.

Quota International, Inc. also donated a similar machine in 2005 for its hearing screening program – in partnership with the Brokenshire Hospital of Davao.

“Newborn screening for hearing loss detection is very important as it will affect the learning capacity of the child
very early,” she said.

Health is one of the 10 programs that Mayor Inday had identified as her priorities. CIO