Peace and Order

What will happen to the local peace talks in Davao?

November 23, 2017 By

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte on Thursday said the cancellation of the peace talks between the national government and the National Democratic Front will not affect the local peace talks with communist rebels, which she has initiated.

The localized peace talks with New People’s Army (NPA) rebels operating in the hinterlands of the city was being undertaken by the Davao City Peace Committee (DC-PEACE), headed by retired judge Ridgway Tanjili.

“The basis of the work of the DC-PEACE is the general welfare clause under the local government code,” Mayor Inday said.

She said that the localized peace talks also do not contradict with the position of the national government.

“Our work and the work of the National Government is not incompatible, all the more now that they will not pursue the peace talks,” Mayor Inday said.

She said localized peace talks will only be cancelled once malacanan officially declares the NPA as a terrorist organization.

“There is no paper yet, everything is just verbal, so legally, we can still continue to negotiate and talk if the NPA still wants to talk through our DC-PEACE,” she said. CIO