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Achievers in TF Davao to be recognized

December 5, 2017 By

Task Force Davao chief Col. Nolasco Mempin said they will be honoring the members of the unit who have made individual achievements that brought inspiration to others.

Mempin cited as example the achievement of Miriam Dumpa Plaza, a member of the Specialized Cafgu Active Auxiliary unit.

Plaza passed the September 2017 Licensure Examination for Teachers and had become a source of inspiration to her peers, Mempin said.

“We will recognize Plaza’s success that is worthy of commendation from Task Force Davao. Her feat is worthy of emulation by other people especially the youth. She is an example of how determination, perseverance, and hardwork can lead to achievement,” he said.

Plaza was the first scholar of TF Davao under the unit’s Memorandum of Agreement with the Rizal Memorial College.

She earned her education degree RMC in 2016, her second college diploma.

Plaza, a Banking and Finance graduate, said that she always dreamed of becoming a soldier but failed to enter the Philippine Military Academy.

“When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a soldier but every time I apply and almost there, there is always an obstacle coming my way, maybe because He (God) doesn’t want me to become a soldier and He want me to be an educator,” Plaza said.

Plaza became a TF Davao member in 2011 and is now in her 6th year in service. CIO