PagbaBAGo program to reach women

December 12, 2017 By

The Davao City Government will launch the PagbaBAGo program component for women and parents on Thursday.

Last week, the program’s education component was also launched — with bags containing school supplies distributed to children.

The responsible parenthood component includes aggressive promotion of family planning methods.

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte said bags containing promotional materials will be distributed to women across the city.

She said the contents of the bags, called as Women’s Health and Wellness Kit, will help couples in planning their families and improve their lives.

“We hope nga maka influence sa ila ug makatabang sa ilang pagplano sa ilang pamilya. Kay duna syay effect sa kaugmaon sa ilahang mga anak. Mas daghan ang anak, mas low ang chances nga makahuman og eskwela,” she said.

Mayor Inday said aside from family planning, she is also counting on the city’s programs on responsible parenthood – along with education – as among the steps in alleviating poverty.

“Dako og impact ang pag anak ug pagplano sa pamilya sa atoang mga ginikanan and duna pod siyay effect sa kalisod nila depending on their capacity as magtianyon nga magpadako mga bata. That’s why duna tay mga project nga ginapakusog nato alang sa mga ginikanan in terms of responsible parenthood,” she said.

City Health Officer Josephine Villafuerte said that the PagbaBAGo bags for women will have “some instructional materials and a sort of referral slips for them to find and avail reproductive health services in the health centers nearest them.”

Lorna Mandin, head of the Integrated Gender Development, meanwhile, said that to empower women they need to be conscious of their health, including their reproductive roles.

“By giving them proper information, women are given opportunities to make informed choices,” Mandin said.

Mandin said men can also be active players in family planning and parenting.

Earlier this month, Mayor Inday launhed the PagbaBAGo program, during which, she distributed around 500 bags filled with school supplies to various school children with the aim of inspiring them to study harder for a better future.

“Education and planned responsible parenthood are our keys to overcome poverty,” she said. CIO