100,000 children in Davao given anti-measles vaccine

February 14, 2018 By

Over 100,000 children were immunized with the measles vaccine following the outbreak declared in January this year.

As of February 9, a total of 112,278 children were given measles vaccine, according to the outbreak response immunization (ORI) report of the Davao City Health Office.

The figure represented 56.49 percent of the entire eligible recipients of the vaccine – which totaled 198,747 children.

CHO is currently conducting ORI operations across the barangays of the city. It was being assisted by 100 personnel from the Department of Health.

Also part of the operation was the giving of immunization booster for children aged 6 up to 59 months; and information and education campaign on measles awareness.

The CHO reminded the public that its services are free.

Health advisories have also been distributed to schools to keep school authorities, parents, and school children aware of the measures to prevent infection and spread of the disease.

The health office advised work establishments that if an employee showed symptoms of measles, they should refrain from going to work and instead go to the nearest hospital.
Symptoms of measles – which start to appear around two weeks of exposure to the virus – included high fever, cough, colds, sore throat, inflammation of the eyes, skin rashes, and white spots on the inner lining of the cheeks. CIO