Mayor Sara restores literacy coordinating council

July 26, 2018 By

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte has reconstituted a literacy coordinating council to ensure a 100-percent literacy rate in Davao City.

Signed on July 18, Mayor Inday issued Executive Order No. 19, titled “Reconstituting the Davao City Literacy Coordinating Council,” to ensure access to basic education of every citizen of the City of Davao and to eradicate illiteracy in a local level.

“It is a policy in the City Government of Davao to prioritize the elimination of illiteracy within its component barangays. As such, the City Government of Davao shall support all plans, programs, and activities leading to 100% literacy rate in Davao City through the creation of a local literacy coordinating council,” the EO said.

The council is composed of Davao City Mayor Inday Sara as the Chairperson and Department of Education Davao City Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Ma. Ines Asuncion as Co-Chairperson. Other city officials are also members of the team.

The specific functions of the Literacy Coordinating Council include serving as the over-all advisory and coordinating body, providing policies and programs directions for all literacy endeavors in the City, and to recommend strategies for the total eradication of illiteracy in the City.

The council should also formulate measures on the establishment and maintenance of City Data Bank and information exchange and dissemination systems at the city and barangay levels, and at the same time, assists in identifying successful management schemes of literacy programs and adopt measures and boost research and development efforts.

They are also to recommend ways and means of raising funds in order to support literacy programs/projects and activities; and recommend measures on how to organize and strengthen support structures for literacy at the city and barangay levels.

The council is to convene 60 days from the approval of the EO in order to draft the required Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). CIO